Gadget Iz Gadget Review Apple Watch SE arrived The Budget One

Apple Watch SE arrived The Budget One


When it comes to smart watches, it’s hard to smack Apple. In fact, it’s hard to smack Apple in all its products, in the range of features that it gives, or the price tag that accompanies it. Apple smartwatches are at a very high price, at a price at which you can buy a good, prestigious smartphone.

We all know that the Apple Watch Series 6 will be released soon. But a new rumor has just hit the ground that Apple, like the inexpensive but not so low iPhone SE, would launch the very first se watch. However, do not be too excited yet, because this will happen next year.

Well, the first question in mind would be, since it’s Apple, what exactly would they deliver to us at low prices? Well, of course, you can not get the design of the Apple Watch Series 5. But, the watch should carry some kind of Series 3 design. Like the Apple Watch Series 3, the SE will have an aluminum matter with a 42 mm display.

Well, if you follow the last leak, you would have seen that we are talking about the extinction of Apple’s classic digital crown. This rotating thing that allows you to do anything and everything on your Apple Watch. But the Apple Watch SE, which follows the design of the Series 3, is sure to have it. So, if you want to switch to an Apple Watch next year, but with a digital crown, instead of opting for older versions, opt for this one. There are many reasons to choose the SE and not the upcoming series 4,5 or 6.

The first is that Apple users know that every time Apple launches a new update for its operating system, they isolate old models. So if you buy the SE watch, you will probably have to stay safe for longer.

The Apple Watch SE would also have the S6 processor. This processor is not available in older models, so here’s another reason to buy the SE. What does the processor count here? Well, with every new processor model that every company releases, they come with a better user interface. Not only that, better comparability, bug fixes and changes that were necessary in the previous one are happening. Therefore, IT would be a better choice.

The last reason must be the price. The Apple Watch Series 5 costs Rs 43,000. You can buy an iPhone SE at this price, which is even lower at Rs 41,000. Comparing the price of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE 2, it becomes clear that the price drop is 50%. If Apple were to follow this trend in the Apple Watch SE as well, this SmartWatch would cost them between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,00. A lot of math right!

In simple terms, the Apple Watch is a good decision from Apple when it has to come. People could now enjoy the features of Apple Watch. At the same time, the reputation is accompanied by a low price. If this comes true, I’m sure to buy it.

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