Gadget Iz Latest Gagdet Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 Gaming Laptop with Intel

Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 Gaming Laptop with Intel


Asus has made one of its new announcements for gaming laptops. We have seen products in the entire range of screen size, and now they are equipped with a 17-inch laptop. 17 inches doesn’t mean it’s thick; it’s quite thin and also has a turn up the Sleeve.

The Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 is something we had for a few years, it had a very unusual Design, because the keyboard could be pulled forward, which offered a lot of space above the keyboard for thermals, which made it about 17 mm thick, which is impressive and still has high performance. so 110 watts TGP for the GPU in a 17 mm laptop is awesome.

Many people felt uncomfortable with the keyboard on the front, because this is a somewhat unusual design. A few points were that the Asus company was wise in return, and then much revised the Zephyrus S17. They added a Webcam and made the borders even thinner than before, which is pretty cool. The volume wheel is also more extensive, and on the side there is now a full-size SD card reader.

The keyboard unfolds as if it had a trick up its sleeve. This is the exact mechanism or a mechanism very similar to that of Zephyrus Duo. The keyboard has been placed in a standard position where one would expect that there would be a keyboard on a laptop that people generally feel comfortable with, but also the best keyboard they have so far. The keyboard is an optical-mechanical keyboard that clicks, sounds great and feels great. There is one common thing in gaming laptops: the keyboards at least get hot while you are playing games, but different modes have been introduced here, so the fan becomes faster and the surface of the laptop stays cooler most of the time.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 has a refreshing gaming panel and very nice RGB lighting. There are also two-panel options, which means that if you’re more of a creator, there’s a 4K 120Hz panel option that’s useful if you need all those extra pixel properties, and there’s also a three millisecond QHD 165Hz panel option that comes with Advanced Optimus. In laptops of the previous Version, you had to reboot to switch between G-Sync and the full performance of the laptop, absolutely Maximum FPS, especially on FPS striking games, and if you want a very long battery life with Optimus, but in this one with the recent Optimus technology, you no longer need to reboot to change.

Speaking of what is inside the system, it has the recent Intel Tiger Lake H45 8-Core, fully maximized CPU-Wise, Thunderbolt 4, three Gen 4 SSD, four tracks in which two are directly connected to the CPU and one with the chipset. They can be run in RAID 0 for fast and large RAID configurations. GPU wise, it comes with RTX 3080 with 140 watts that provide high performance. If we talk about the price, there are no updates regarding the price,

This laptop has very fantastic features and is adaptable to ambient conditions, which justifies its position at the top of gaming laptops. This laptop would certainly make a great competition to its previous versions, other ASUS gaming laptops and gaming laptops of other brands.

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